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69-78 CB750 Frame

69-78 CB750 Frame

SKU: 0016

Custom made to your specs using 1 1/8" x .120 wall and 1 1/2" x .120 wall Dom tube. The axle plates and fixed motor mounts are made from 3/8" thick steel. Axle plate doublers and removable motor mounts are made from 3/16" steel. All is TIG welded except the inside of the axle plates and the axle plate doublers which are MIG welded. ( Loop end axle plates are MIG welded on both sides). The brake stay tab will ship loose on all frames.


NOTE: This frame does NOT include a MSO or Title, it is up to the purchaser to look into their State or Countries laws regarding title and registration of a custom motorcycle frame.

Pictured here is a 4" Stretch with 2" drop, Straight End, Honda Style Neck At 30° (Stock Rake), The neck is up 3" and out 2". 


Available options:

Stock Style or Harley Style Neck
Axle Plates with Stock or 3/4" Slots


    Straight end or Looped
    Stretch from 2" to 6" in 1" increments.
    Drop from 0" to 4" in 1" increments.

    All frames will have a minimum of 30° rake
    Rake can go to 45° max, in 1° Increments.
    The neck can be moved up and out from stock to 6" also in 1" increments.


    Most used items sold by BentON Racing™ in good condition and returned within 15 days will receive a refund. All items sold must be returned in person or by mail. Some items sold by BentON Racing™ have a modified return policy noted on the receipt via email. Items that are opened modified or damaged may be denied a refund.

$750.00 Regular Price
$600.00Sale Price
Color: Khaki
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