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Repair, Rebuild and Maintain

How do you learn the art of classic motorcycle restoration; how to tune a carburetor, assemble a bottom end or read a spark plug? Some of us were lucky and had a wizard uncle, the guy who could make anything run and shared his secrets. Some of us spent our teenage years trying to work on wrecks, ruining a lot of parts in the process. And some of us have never tried to get our hands dirty.

If you reside within the Atlanta Metro Area or Southeast, BentON Racing offers weekend introductory classes with 30 year veteran, Bill Benton in; maintenance, tune-up, fork and brake service, carburetor rebuilding and engine tear down and assembly for your Vintage Honda motorcycle.

Right now we are gauging the interest in these types of weekend classes held in a hotel conference room, or local shop. So fill out the form below and you will be the first to know once we move ahead with a range of dates, location, pricing and syllabus.


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